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HWAG  would like to thank everyone who attended the screening of Jeremy Irons film Trashed at Worcester Guildhall on 23rd Of April 2113.

We look forward to meeting with everyone who showed an interest in getting involved.

If you wish to find out more or would like to see a screening of the film please contact Rob Wilden on

“We buy it, we bury it, we burn it and then we ignore it. Does anyone think about what happens to all the trash we produce?”
Jeremy Irons, Academy Award Winning Actor and Executive Producer of ‘Trashed’

If you are interested in coming along to learn more about this subject and the impact of the planned incinerator on our beautiful County, why not come along to see a film screening of Jeremy Irons’ award nominated documentary film ‘Trashed’.  

Please contact Rob Wilden by email on or by telephone on 01299 251934.

Rob Wilden on behalf of Herefordshire & Worcestershire Action Group (HWAG)

New event: 5th September 2013

If you wish to find out more o

please contact Rob Wilden on