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Commission calls for move up waste hierarchy

16 May 2012 By Caelia Quinault

The European Commission has said it will use both ‘carrots and sticks’ to ensure member states move waste up the waste hierarchy and comply with waste legislation


Frans Beckers, a director of Dutch waste services company the Van Gansewinkel Group, picked up this thread by speaking of the importance of preserving resources rather than burning them.

   Frans Beckers commented on the overcapacity of incinerators in mainland Europe

Mr Beckers explained that his company imports RDF from the UK (see story) and Italy but had recently closed one incinerator due to overcapacity and urged others to follow suit.

He said: “We closed one of our incineration plants in the Rotterdam area. There is overcapacity in Germany and we hope some of our colleagues will follow suit. We hope more capacity will be taken out of the market. In the end we could harm recycling performance.”

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