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Herefordshire & Worcestershire Action Group

29 September 2012

Dear Councillor

Incinerator PFI – Is this decision with huge financial risks being made in YOUR name?

What you need to know:

On 8 November 2012, Herefordshire and Worcestershire Councils will probably authorise the 25 year Private Finance Initiative with Mercia Waste, for the disposal of household waste at the mass burn incinerator plant at Hartlebury.

As councillors you will be collectively authorising this contract, through your representatives on the cabinet. This is the largest contract ever to be entered by the two counties, and we believe it is the responsibility of every councillor to scrutinise that contract, prior to allowing the cabinet to sign it off, and follow due diligence.

We ask you to call for a deferment in the signing of that contract to allow you to exercise your fiduciary duty to analyse the full contract and the financial risks on behalf of your constituents.

We ask you to consider some of the following concerns:

We also invite you to join our alliance, and campaign for financial transparency for the tax payer.

It’s time you were made aware of the issues affecting your constituents, do not leave this as a legacy of your time in office. Intervene now against this monster that will cripple Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

Yours faithfully


Below is a copy of a letter sent to District and County Councillors
We urge all Residents within Herefordshire & Worcestershire to contact
their Councillors and MP’s  see the attached contacts lists
Left mouse click of a PDF copy of the letter