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Lawrence’s Recycling Fire

16th June 2013

Petition by iPetitions
The Petition

We, the undersigned, have been subjected to a cloud of acrid smoke smelling of plastic originating from a fire at Lawrence Recycling, Kidderminster. This is not the first time we have been exposed to such pollution. The most recent event was the evening of 20th June 2013 at which time there was an inversion which seemed to be concentrating the smoke.

We understand that the burning plastics may have released harmful Dioxins and PCBs into the local atmosphere.

We understand that some testing has taken place. However, the Environment Agency has reported that these were for Particulates and Irritant chemicals from four sites surrounding the fire. We understand that there have been no such tests for either dioxins or PCBs; neither were any tests taken during the inversion situation.

We feel that tests for harmful environmental pollutants need to take place during such situations. We request therefore, that the appropriate authorities take air samples and test for dioxins and PCBs.
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